Workshop by Nitor

Creating meaningful Natural-language user interfaces

Full Day Workshop; 09:00-16:00
For 20 Attendees
€300 (incl. 24% VAT)


Tommi Koirikivi
Niko Laitinen
Annina Kivikari

Date & Time

Thursday, 15th March 2018
Time to be announced soon


Nitor Creations Oy,
Aleksanterinkatu 46A, 6th floor

Workshop Details

Services that incorporate conversational interfaces are increasing rapidly throughout different areas of business. Following this change the types of messages delivered to end-users through these services are likely to become more personal and sensitive in nature than ever before. This means new challenges for designers as they need to think about the content and ways in which these messages are delivered.
Instead of asking the system to turn of your lights, think about the future where automated services are providing people diagnoses about their health – and you need to design the service delivering the messages. How can designers enforce the message by adding visual cues and existing web elements to enrich the delivered message? How can personalities or emotions be expressed through voice or text?
In this workshop we focus on creating personalities for conversational interfaces that include both voice and text commands and apply these to a design system. We will explore methods for creating voice-based design systems and reflecting a product’s brand with conversational UI.

Why Attend

  • Examples on how to design meaningful VUIs
  • Ideas on how to conduct VUI testing
  • Learn from conversational interfaces
  • New ways of thinking how to design interaction between device and the user

For Who

  • Developers who are interested to learn more about the design perspective of conversational interfaces
  • Designers who are about to design or currently designing systems which are based on conversational user-interfaces.
  • People who want to learn how an interface can reflect a personality