Ticket Info

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Tickets for the conference are now sold-out. WOW!
You can still purchase tickets for the workshops, till all seats are covered or until 13th of March, 12:00am


What does my ticket include and give access to?

Conference Ticket: access to the 1-day conference (14th of March 2018; breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks included) and the after party (also on 14th of March 2018).

Workshop Ticket: access to the selected workshop (15th of March 2018). For more details, see program.

Can I buy multiple tickets at once?

No, if you need to buy multiple tickets (for multiple persons), you’ll need to purchase them one at a time.

Can I buy only a conference ticket?

Yes, when purchasing your ticket, select not attending to any workshops.

Can I buy only a workshop ticket?

Yes, when purchasing your ticket, do not select conference ticket, but only a workshop you would like to attend.

Can I go to more than one workshop?

No, all workshops are run in parallel at the same time.

How can I pay?

The easiest and fastest way to pay is by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or PayPal, using the ticket platform.

I have a ticket, but I can’t come. What should I do?

Please consider offering or selling your ticket to a colleague or online. Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferrable. If you want to transfer your ticket to someone else, you’ll need to forward the confirmation email to the new ticket owner. The new owner will then need to edit the ticket information from the confirmation email under “your information” and change own info through “edit your information”. It is also possible to edit your information before you forward the confirmation email.

Need to ask us something?

If you have more questions, or requests for us, let us know: hello@dsconference.com