Speech highlight

Roman Musatkin

Product Designer at Smartly.io

Design System for a full stack team

Smartly.io is building software helping most demanding online advertisers improve their performance. To stay on top of the competitive, rapidly changing space, the key focus for Smartly.io has always been product development speed. As the team of the dev-driven company nearly tripled in the last two years, over a dozen of Smartly.io App UI changes go live every day. Roman is going to tell about Smartly.io’s experience building a sustainable design system helping company to prototype and take design decisions faster, improve collaboration between designers and developers, empower everyone to contribute to better design, and ultimately create better experience for the customers.


Roman is a Product Designer born and raised in Siberia, Russia. Over the last 6 years he designed software for museums in Moscow, worked with universities and edTech startups in San Francisco, mentored design in Tehran and founded an educational program on Product Design in St. Petersburg — with design for education being his main focus. In early 2017 he joined Smartly.io, now building design process in one of the fastest growing tech companies in Finland.