Speech highlight

Adele Asuncion

Senior Designer – Design language system at Nordea

Kai Forsman

UX Design and Development at Futurice

Nordea case

As a large, multinational company, Nordea is currently undergoing a digital transformation. A brand renewal exercise was done roughly 2 years ago and we will unveil our observations on how a complimentary design language is essential to ensure a coherent and consistent customer experience across Nordea’s different product segments and offerings. Nordea’s new digital design language site will be more than just a background story and design system. With all the different design disciplines included in the creation of the digital design language, we will use it as a way of leveraging design thinking within the company, to initiate and continue communication across the natural forming silos and to show how design truly compliments agile ways of working.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Adele has called Helsinki her home for the past 14 years. She has worked as a designer from start to finish on 2 open source mobile operating systems (Maemo 5 and MeeGo) and Rovio Toons.tv a video distribution service which has clocked in more than 6.5 billion views, worldwide. Adele considers herself a rational skeptic. Her hobbies and interests include being an amateur mycologist (learning about fungi and growing them), learning about agricultural science and food sustainability, pretentious eating, aquascaping, keeping up with geopolitical situations and blockchain technology.