Speech highlight

Niko Laitinen

Designer at Nitor Creations

Sustainable design systems

Design Systems for digital products have been hot for a while now and we are beginning to understand their long-term lifecycle. Understanding the character and capabilities are essential when consideringin corporating a Design System in your community of practice. Awareness of the pitfalls and the need for one set the ground for an ecosystem of scaling and coherent design. No matter how well build your Design system is the question remains, how can I keep my Design System alive?


A hybrid that is equally comfortable talking about design as well as it’s digital implementation. He’s worked on all things digital for a decade in roles ranging from a Web Developer to a Start-up CTO and UX Designer to a DesignOps Coach. Recently he’s focused on elevating design organizations for an emergent market fit and experimenting with new ways of interaction through machine learning. On his free time he never hesitates to cherish every moment he can play the electric guitar.