Speech Highlight

Kauri Salonen

Lead Strategist at Eficode

Design operations

Kauri’s talk is about the impact of design on operations in high performing organisations and the teams within them. He suggests ways to map out your current design operations model, facilitate holistic cultural change and bring new tools for enhanced communications. The end goal is to improve how the teams collaborate, make strategic decisions and interact with partners.


Kauri Salonen is in his home base at the event as he comes from Helsinki. He is a systems thinker and a advocate of rational, target-centric thinking. He specializes in strategy work, culture and operations development and lean facilitation. Kauri has for example helped Finnair and Alipay to launch The World’s first in-flight mobile payment method and has rolled various other digital transformation initiatives into production, making an impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of consumers and thousands of employees.