Keynote Spotlight

Karri Saarinen

Design Lead at Airbnb

When We Use Systems

Design and software are becoming more complex and larger in scale but we still follow our old ways. Instead of relying solely on our intuition, we need more systematic and abstracted methods to continue solving problems and building products.
While change can sometimes be difficult, it also presents an opportunity to push our role forward and magnify our capacity as designers and developers.
The past couple of years, Airbnb has been systemizing UI design & development, and explored of some these new methods that can be utilized when we use systems.


Karri Saarinen is a Finnish entrepreneur and technically minded designer who driving systematic thinking through design. He is currently leading the design systems work at Airbnb in San Francisco.
Prior, Karri designed and directed design at at bitcoin company Coinbase, co-founded Y Combinator backed social knowledge management company Kippt and tech education non-profit Rails Girls.