Speech Highlight

Mikko Häkkinen

Lead Service Designer at Elisa

Rami Ertimo

Lead UX Developer at Intergalactico

A case study of Elisa’s design system

In 2014 Elisa – Finland’s biggest telecom operator, went through a brand renewal. Most of the web services needed redesign to match the new look and feel in just two months. For an enterprise size company with multiple products and services this was a major challenge that raised a need for new tools and ways of working. In this talk Mikko and Rami will go through learnings from 2014 to this day and open up Elisa’s Design System work.


Rami is a full stack designer and works as Lead UX Developer at Nordcloud’s design studio – Intergalactico. In his role he helps companies to bridge the gap between business, designers, and developers by building and utilising design systems.


Mikko has been designing digital products and services for the last 15 years, for a wide range of different industries. Currently, he is Lead Service Designer at Elisa and is responsible for building company-wide design system.